Weekly Power Sector Round up: 16th October 2021

India’s power supply deficit in October worst in 5 years

India’s power supply fell 750 million units (MU) short of demand in the first 12 days of October, due to the ongoing coal shortage. A deficit of 1.6% which was the worst since March 2016, according to data from grid regulator POSOCO.

The states of Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and Bihar were the worst affected with supply deficits ranging from 2.3% to 14.7%.

Increased demand following the second wave of the pandemic and worldwide fuel shortages have led to supply shortages.

Power Ministry mandates energy accounting for DISCOMs

The Ministry of Power has mandated energy accounting of DISCOMs to reduce electricity losses.

The notification stipulates quarterly energy accounting by DISCOMs through a certified energy manager within 60 days. There will also be an annual energy audit by an independent accredited energy auditor. Both these reports will be published in the public domain.

These regulations have been issued under the ambit of the Energy Conservation Act, 2001, with an overall objective to reduce distribution sector inefficiency and losses, thereby moving towards the economic viability of DISCOMs.