Weekly Power Sector Round up: 24th April 2021

India’s power consumption grows ~45% in the first half of April

Power consumption in the country grew nearly 45% in the first half of April to 60.62 BU (billion units) compared to 41.91 BU in the corresponding period last year.

Power consumption last year plummeted because of the imposition of a national lockdown in the last week of March 2020.

The increase in consumption is primarily because of reduced restrictions on commercial and industrial activities. However, with the rising number of cases, we could see consumption reduce if additional restriction inhibiting economic activity are enforced.

EV registrations in Mumbai up 115% in 2020-21

EV registrations saw a 115% rise in Mumbai during 2020-21 compared to the previous financial year, according to the latest transport department statistics.

1442 electric vehicles were registered in 2020-21 with more than 90% being two wheelers, especially scooters.