Weekly Power Sector Round up: 29th February 202

Core sector grows 2.2% in January 2020

The eight core industries grew by 2.2% in January 2020. The infrastructure sectors grew by 1.5%. The production of electricity grew by 2.8%.

The core sectors were reeling under a slowdown from the period of April to January where the growth slowed down to 0.6% as compared to 4.4% during the same months in the previous year.

Forward & Derivative Contracts trading to be introduced in the Power sector

Forward % Derivative Contracts trading on exchanges in likely to be seen in the Power sector soon as jurisdictional issues between Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and the electricity regulator are in the process of being resolved. More efficient and reliable energy trading in line with global standards is likely to be seen as a result.

This will allow DISCOMs to trade their forward contracts, increase trading and reduce the instances of reneging on contracts. Deepening of markets with a variety of products will be healthy for the sector as a whole.