Weekly Power Sector Round up: 30th January 2021

Power demand touches all time high of 188.45GW

Power demand touched an all time high of 188.45GW on the 28th of January 2021 and will soon surpass 200GW, said Power Minister R. K. Singh.

This compared to the peak power demand met during January of 2020, which stood at 170.97GW.

Rising power demand indicates revival in economic activity with much of the growth being driven by commercial and industrial demand.

Solar developers demand pause in the imposition of basic customs duty on solar equipment

Solar developers have demanded that the government should hold back the imposition of basic customs duty (BCD) on solar equipment.

Solar developers believe that imposing BCD till domestic equipment closes the gap to imported equipment is counter productive and will hurt the ambitious targets set by the Govt.

An abrupt increases in prices of metals and alloys will also make projects unviable.

Ultimately, any increase in the cost of projects increases the cost of electricity which in turn increases the cost of manufacturing and subsequently in the cost of living.