Weekly Power Sector Round up: 10th April 2021

Average spot price up 65% to Rs 4.06/unit at IEX

The average spot power price rose 65% to Rs 4.06/unit in March at IEX, compared to Rs 2.46/unit in March of last year. Rising temperatures and increased economic activity compared to the year ago period have contributed to this increase in price.

“The day-ahead market (DAM) traded 6,549 MU (million units) volume recording a significant 65 per cent YoY (year on year) growth. The average monthly price at Rs 4.06 per unit during the month saw a 20 per cent MoM (month on month) increase,” an IEX statement said.

DISCOMs’ outstanding dues to GENCOs rose to Rs 1.02 lakh cr in February

Total dues owed by DISCOMs to power producers rose ~17% to Rs 1,02,684 crore in February, from Rs 87,888 crore in the year ago period, according to the PRAAPTI portal. However, the outstanding dues in February slightly dipped from Rs 1,03,116 crore in the previous month.

The total overdue amount, which is the amount not cleared after the 45 day grace period, was Rs 91,549 crore as against Rs 73,867 crore in the year ago period.