Weekly Power Sector Round up: 3rd April 2021

Power consumption grows 24.35% in March

India’s power consumption grew 24.35% in March at 123.05 billion units (BU), year on year as compared to 98.95 BU in March 2020.

Peak power demand met during March stayed consistently above the high of 170.16GW of March 2020 except for one day, March 29th, when it was 159.81 GW. The high for this month, 186.03 GW, grew 9.3% year on year.

Power consumption seems to be back to pre-lockdown levels but further lockdowns may drop consumption once again.

Annual power demand drops for the first time in 35 years

India’s annual power demand fell for the first time in 35 years in the 2020-21 fiscal, primarily due to the strict lockdown imposed throughout the country to curb the spread of the COVID pandemic.

Power demand fell 1% last fiscal while power generation fell 0.2%, according to data obtained from federal grid operator POSOCO.

This is the first time annual power demand has fallen after power demand growth data being made publicly available from 1985/86.

Consumers in Mumbai can purchase 100% green energy at 66 paise extra per unit

In a first for the country, power consumers will have the option to purchase 100% renewable energy by paying an extra 66 paise per unit. This ‘green power tariff’ was approved by MERC last week.

MERC’s order states that all users (EHV, HV, LV) will be eligible to opt for 100% renewable energy. This order is applicable to Tata Power, Adani Electricity, BEST and MSEDCL supply areas.