Weekly Power Sector Round up: 25th April 2020

Coronavirus crisis: Power Ministry requests states to allow construction activity in power plants

In a letter to the state power officials, police, district magistrates and urban local bodies, the Power Ministry has requested for construction activity to be allowed in power plants and for no restrictions to be placed on the activities required for the smooth operation and functioning of the interstate and intrastate transmission network in the country.

It has also requested for allowing interstate and intrastate movement of raw material, equipment, spares and consumable required for the same. Construction, operation and maintenance of transmission lines is also to be allowed without restriction.

Electric vehicle sales in India up 20% in FY 2019-20

Electric vehicle sales in the country increased 20% to 156,000 units in the last financial year, FY 2019-20. Sales in the previous financial year, FY 2018-19 were 130,000 units.

This jump in sales has almost entirely come from an increase in the sale of electric two wheelers, whose sales saw an increase of 26,000 units.

With the ongoing worldwide coronavirus pandemic, these sales are likely to be adversely impacted and an increase in numbers is unlikely to be seen for the next financial year.