Weekly Power Sector Round up: 31st October 2020

87% households have access to grid power, some do not use electricity at all

87% of households in India have access to grid connected power, while the remaining 13% either use local/ non grid sources or do not use electricity at all. These findings arise from a joint survey conducted by NITI Aayog and Rockefeller Foundation on ‘Electricity Access and Benchmarking of Distribution Utilities’.

Further, amongst the customers using non-grid sources, 62% are agricultural customers. 4% of households in the country do not have access to grid based electricity.

The survey was conducted across 10 states with a sample size of over 25,000 respondents from residential, agricultural and commercial segments from both rural and urban areas.

Solar tariffs may drop to record lows again

A recent 1070MW tender issued by the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) received bids of over 5000MW, which indicates that we might see record low tariffs again.

Almost all major developers had expressed interest in the auction.